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I do not work alone.
I work with source 

I have been studying and working with clients for over 30 years using intuition

I provide an alternative approach to understanding the world and gaining insight into the life. I am able to weave through our work together  mediumship readings, psychic readings, and source readings that will help you unravel the mysteries of life and connect you to your higher self.

i understand the power of intuition and how it can help you make sense of
the past, present, and future.  i invite you to explore this side of the services being offered and begin your journey of unlocking the power of your inner self.

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Official SoulFlow™ Embodiment Master Practitioner (4).png

My gift is meant to bring you

clarity, connection confirmation or calmness

Your reading will be a 60-90 minute session (depending on what comes through) over zoom.

I will record it for you to be able to download for future referencing. 

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