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We Begin October 16th 

"My darling wait until you see what I have 
in store for you."   
~ The Universe


Michele Ogston, CLC
Medium ~ Mentor ~ Coach
Spiritual Medium, Relationship Mentor &

Self Love Coach


My gift to you!

This is my most personal program I've ever shared.

It was birthed out of the most peaceful, inspired, source led part of me. It comes from my soul. 

Join me in a journey as I guide you into get in touch with that which lives inside all of us ~ your intuition.

As a medium, I have over 30 years experience cultivating my own intuition. For the first time ever, I am ready to lead you into yours. 

Strengthening your intuition has the ability to expand all areas of your life:

  • Romantic Relationships

  • Friendships

  • Career

  • Finances

If you desire to possess a deeper relationship with source and yourself through intuition, then Guided is the program for you.

See you there!

XO ~ Michele 


During This "Guided" Journey Some of What You Will Uncover Is:

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The Ego

Learn more about how the ego can influence your interpretation of what you are picking up on.

Semicircle of Crystals

This is How You'll Learn to
Deepen Your Intuition

We will implement several different modalities during our time together
Here are a few we will dive into the


Kick Off In Person

October 26th

You'll receive free entry into an in person evening with me filled with experiences, movement, a feast and guided readings! 


"Out of your mind & into the body." Andee Love.

During our time together we will be learning the language your body speaks. This will help you learn to cultivate a deep trust & connection to yourself. Teaching you what your emotions & sensations are telling you about yourself and when they are telling you about another.

Untitled design - 2022-10-16T152730.295.png


Being a part of the collective energy will help challenge your humanness while shifting in and out of your spiritual side. All groups have the potential to mimic your family system & the "work" that needs to be done. Feeling into each other and learning to hold space while detaching will strengthen your intuition



Keeping yourself grounded & rooted is an important part of your expansion into your intuition. These meditations have been designed to teach you to let go while also connecting to your higher self, your spirit team, or anyone else who has a message for you.


Be in all the feels

while being guided

pexels-alina-vilchenko-3363098 (1).jpg

Human Design


A surprise special guest proficient in Human Design will do your chart & go over how your human design impacts your intuition.



In the stillness & the surrender the answers come. I will be teaching you how to focus on 1 thing in order to train yourself to feel only your intuition ~ allowing yourself to let go completely.


Screenshot 2023-06-03 at 5.02.33 PM.png
1 / One on One Support

As part of the Guided program, you and I will meet during each month of the program for a 60 minute one on one session*. You will be able to process with me in real time how to drop into your intuition. This will be your moment to shine, be vulnerable, and ask the questions you've always wanted to know about allowing your spirit to connect to the Universe, God, Source, your spirit team, angels, whatever you believe in, without the feeling of being judged for asking.

*There will be an opportunity to purchase more 1:1 sessions 

2 /  Kinship through Community

You will have 2 ways to be in community with the other guided participants. 

  1. Two group calls a month. Our group calls will consist of teachable moments, hot seat coaching, meditations, mindfulness practices, special experiences to deepen your relationship within (if you know me, you know this is where the magic lives).

  2. Group Voxer support in-between our group session and your individual one on one sessions. (voxer is a downloadable app that allows all to voice or text each other.).

3 / SoulFlow™ Embodiment

SoulFlow™ will be an important part of your program. SoulFlow™ Embodiment is all about feeling into YOUR body. Knowing how your body moves & how your feels when your experiencing different sensations and feelings enables you to differentiate between your own feelings and taking on the energy of others. It trains your body, heart, and mind, to fully trust in you.

4 / Human Design

I am welcoming a special guest speaker to this program to do your human design. How does your human design play into how you work with your intuition? Learning this aspect about you creates the space for you to feel how rare you really are and you beautiful your energy really is.

4 months of being guided.
Starting October 16th

A Payment Structure to Meet Your Needs


$500 Savings!

No need to wait until October.
Get started now! 

Once you sign up I'll reach out to have your 1st one on one with me.

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