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I've Created an Energetic Twist on Boundaries

Come explore with me



Building Better Boundaries

8 Week Mini Mind 


focusing on: 

Building boundaries off of what you value instead of what you're trying to protect yourself from.
This energetic twist on your boundaries, roots yourself in what aligns with your soul. Your boundaries become plated in the abundance of what you desire not from your lack and scarcity.

We Begin

March 4th

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What is a Boundary?

Boundary Def: 

An energetic and emotional space you provide between you and another soul. This space allows you to honor yourself without resentment towards another. 

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Mini Mind Outline:

Module 1


Module 1 is about having a clear understanding of what a boundary means. We will explore in depth the 7 types of boundaries and how they apply to you. You'll learn the 13 benefits of having boundaries so you can energetically feel into the life you'll be creating from having the benefits of having boundaries. Your deep exploration begins when we start going over what your triggers are, how you feel when you're in them and how you respond or react to them. 

Module 2


The shift happens in Module 2 when we dive into your value. Each person will have the chance to clarify their own values with me in real time. You will design your list of values from your non-negotiables through your top 10 values. This is the foundation of your boundary work. From here you will start to make build your boundaries off what you value instead of what you're trying to protect yourself from. This alignment brings more of what you're desiring into your life simply by focusing on more of what you are looking for instead of what you're not looking for (otherwise known as "The Red Car Theory" 

Module 3


The main reason you're here! Module 3 takes you from your value proposition, to the energetic work behind your boundary. Understand the parts of yourself that feel guilty, bad or wrong for setting. Module 3 bridges the gap between what happens emotionally for you when you SET the boundary to what happens emotionally for you when you try and stick to the boundary. Learn about Where does your co-dependency or people pleasing shows up and why? Learn to identify an energy leak, a rule vs. a boundary, & what happens when someone pushes back on your boundary. You'll also learn when and how to soften your boundary - if you choose.


During this masterclass you'll also have access to 64 boundary phrases in different types of categories.

Such as:

  • Empowering boundary phrases

  • Rules vs. boundaries examples

  • Non-Defensive boundary phrases

  • Boundaries to set at the beginning of a relationship

  • Loving boundary phrases

  • Codependency vs. Boundaries Examples

  • Relationship rules

  • Difficult conversation starters

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What  to Expect

  • 90 minutes each week of live instruction for 8 weeks.
  • Mondays at 11:30 am pst.

  • Live in person hot seat coaching.

  • Value clarification! Walk away with your values & your non-negotiables ironclad.

  • Journal prompts specifically designed around discovering yourself around your boundaries.

  • Somatic & embodiment work to help you move through all the emotions around your boundary.

  • Over 70+ boundary phrases for you to use.

  • 23 page downloadable guide loaded with the courses content for you to keep.

  • Payment plan available.

  • Replay will be sent out within 24hrs.

  • PLUS... if you know me I always through in something extra. 

Who Is This For?
And who it's not.

This mini-mind IS designed for the soul who is looking to empower themselves in their relationships. To harness a feeling of self assured action and energetic alignment. 

This mini-mind is NOT designed for the soul who is wanting to keep things going the way they are. The content is meant to create enlightenment and an expansion they might not be prepared for.



Building Better Boundaries
Begins March 4th-April 22nd
1 Payment of $998 or 6 Payments of $200


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"how Michele was encouraging and supportive but while also pushing me to stay true to goals and boundaries. Setting weekly intentions with Michele really changed my perception from a position of feeling trapped  to one of feeling more in control and happy. "  

Jackie G., MBA, Ph.D.

I have a stronger sense of confidence and  personal power. Stepping into embracing my worth. I feel increased energy and trust, & an expansion of consciousness.

~Jim  C. MS, CCC-SLP

This has opened so many doors for me from understanding others, feeling peace & harmony throughout my life, how to have on going healthy relationships…the list goes on and is still evolving! It’s Amazing!  I have worked with many therapists throughout my life, researched and read what I could searching for answers to truly feel unstuck, lost or lonely.  You truly changed/saved my life

~Amy  Homemaker and Caregiver

About Your Mentor

Michele Ogston, CLC ~ Soul Coach

Certified Coach & Psychic Medium Specializing Relationship, Self Love & Intuition

Michele Ogston calls herself a Soul Coach. She’s not only a certified coach but a powerful psychic medium. She specializes in self-love, intuition, and relationships. She has over 30 years of experience working with individuals & couples to deepen their feeling of embodiment and awaken their self-worth. Her mission is for her clients to trust themselves to be their own best psychics. She believes life is all about a healing journey. Often, people aren’t stuck. Instead, they are applying the same set of behaviors & patterns to situations that no longer serve them. Through developing a deep connection from within she helps them close the gap between where they are and where they want to be.

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