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Where Root to Heart Ends The The Goddess Begins 

A Continuation of Evolution and Bliss.


The Goddess Within

The energy of your cohort in Root to Heart was meant to be continued.

Since our return, I have integrated our time together, read your heartfelt words, & listen to the stories you shared with me.

These moments & energy allowed me to create something epic and unbelievably special for you.

I'm proud to introduce, 


This retreat is not Root to Heart, but a continuation  of the blossoming of the Goddesses you are becoming.

We will spend

4 days & 3 nights

together as before, 

but this time I will put a twist on things




January 27th-January 30th

Day 1 = Opening Circle at 4pm at Lumeria

Day 2 = Awakening the Feminine Energy at Lumeria

Day 3 = Feeling into The Feminine Flow partial day at Lumeria Until 11am from there you will travel to the other side of the island to go to The Marriott Wailea Beach Resort. This is where you will be indulged like the Goddess you are. You will spend the night here as well as other activities I have planned.

Day 4 = Closing Loop at The Marriott Wailea Beach Resort


Screenshot 2024-06-05 at 8.35.15 PM.png

Pay if Full

is $5333

$500 savings

Payment Plan Is

$2500 Deposit

with 6 Monthly Payments of $555

July 10th will be the last day to secure your spot.

We will need at minimum 3 people to commit to be able to go. If 3 people don't commit you will have the choice of a full refund or stay in the retreat while I open it up to the public.

I am so excited to play with you inside the feminine energy.

Please Voxer me with any questions.



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