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Golden Hour

A Summer Solstice Virtual Retreat


Inner Healing & Intuition Awakening

June 14th

This retreat is a sacred invitation to honor your journey, embrace your authenticity, and bask in the radiant light of the summer sun. Whether you're seeking healing, clarity, or simply a deeper connection to self, you'll find nourishment and support in our compassionate community.

Date: June 14th 

Time: 9am - 4pm PDT (Includes a 1 hour break for lunch)

Location: Virtual 

Price: $222

Reserve your spot now and embark on a journey of soulful exploration and transformation. Let's come together to celebrate the light within and ignite the spark of inner healing and intuition awakening.

Spaces are limited, so secure your place today!

Golden Dust
Embrace the Light Within

Join me for a transformative journey of inner healing and intuition awakening as we celebrate the Summer Solstice, a time of profound illumination and growth. 
In our sacred virtual space, you'll immerse yourself in practices designed to nurture your soul and deepen your connection to self.

Being in The Receiving Energy Of:

This Virtual Retreat
is For...

...the woman who is ready to continue on a path of knowledge and exploration.

The woman who is worthy of a break and ready to celebrate herself.

This retreat is for the woman who wants to escape even just a little into something a little outside her normal routine.


Sound Like You?

Date: June 14th 

Time: 9am - 4pm PDT (Includes a 1 hour break for lunch)

Location: Virtual 

Price: $222

Schedule Overview

Although, I am very intuitively lead, I have listed below an idea of some of the retreat activities .

Check out a brief overview of what the retreat might flow like.


Opening Circle

💙Welcome and introduction to the retreat's purpose and agenda.

💙Setting intentions for the day.

💙Brief grounding meditation to connect participants.

💙Body scan

💙Vulnerability project

💙Guided breathwork session to awaken the body and clear the mind.

Untitled design (4)_edited.jpg

Loops & Closing Circles

💙 SoulFlowTM

💙Intuition-building exercises and activities.

💙 Wish jars

💙Guided visualization journey to connect with inner wisdom.

💙Journaling prompts for reflection and intuitive insights.

💙Sharing circle for participants to discuss their experiences and insights.

💙Closing circle to share final thoughts, intentions, and blessings.

💙Announcement of post-retreat resources and support options.


Lunch Break

This is a sample schedule.

Some of these activities may not be induced

nourishing meal and take time for self-care.

About Your Mentor

Michele Ogston, CLC

Soul Coach

ICF Certified Coach & Medium

Specializing in Inner Healing Through Self Love

& Intuition

Michele Ogston is recognized as a Soul Coach because she is known to create a stirring inside her clients that leads them to on a path of deep healing and true inner peace. She’s not only a certified IFC coach but a powerful psychic medium.

She specializes in self-love, intuition, and relationships. She has over 30 years of experience working with individuals & couples to deepen their feeling of self-worth and awaken their own inner knowing. Her mission is for her clients to trust themselves to be their own best psychics. She believes life is a healing journey back to being whole again. She has cultivated a deep knowing that people aren’t stuck, but instead, they are applying the same set of behaviors & patterns to situations that no longer serve them. Through developing a deep connection from within she helps them close the gap between where they are and where they want to be.

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