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Starts June 14th

Live Classes with Recorded Replays Sent Out

2 weeks, 2 days, & 2 hours each

Class 1

Taking Care of Your Body

Class 2

Taking Care of Your Energy

Class 3

Taking Care of Your Mind

Class 4

Taking Care of Your Soul

Teaches Awareness Calmness
Manifesting & Releasing
Teaches Joy & Pain
letting go & resetting

Starts June 14th $299
Only 8 Spots!

Every Class will Include:

This Mini-Mind is For Souls Who Are

Be in the frequency of their divine feminine energy

Desiring to self heal 

Craving insight into how to take care of the body, energy, mind, &  soul

looking for insight into co-creating with the universe.

Seeking a spiritual experience connecting to themselves and their soul

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