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Salt and Sand, Shore to Soul
The Wave Continues

Root  to Heart 

August  5th - August 8th

Maui, HI

An Inner Healing Retreat for Women

An Inner Healing Experience for
4 days & 3 nights
built around


Psychic Mediumship, Embodiment, Somatics & Breath

with Soul Coach
Michele Ogston
Inner Healing through Self Love
Certified Coach, Powerful Psychic Medium, & Speaker


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A Journey into Your Inner Wisdom

This isn't talk therapy.

Join me on a journey of personal healing and growth. from

Root to Heart

and beyond

My program is designed to help you find

wisdom,  connection, and peace in your life.  



During our time together I'll be guiding you through different modalities to gain more insight to love

ALL the parts of yourself & not just the ones you like.

Root to Heart is meant to spark an awakening within you.

While addressing the wounds from your past you'll

 create abundance for the future 

My role as your mentor is to foster a restorative

approach to healing.

You'll experience hope and healing in a environment that evokes sisterhood not a sorority .

It's time to take the first step towards a brighter, & fulfilling life.


We Begin July 15th


What to Expect

Root to Heart Prep 

Begins July 15th
Root to Heart is a retreat with a built in Mastermind or should I say Masterbody? 
In the weeks leading up to your retreat we will:
💙 Have an (optional) weekly zoom call.
💙 Voxer support & communication leading up to our travel.
💙 Access to the member portal where all the content will reside for easy access including group call replays.
💙 A combination of journal prompts, somatic movement classes, meditations, & integrative experiences meant to bring your awareness to the surface for greater inner healing through examination.

August 5th- August 8th
Staying at the beautiful & sacred land of Lumeria Healing Retreat Center

Once you are in Maui you will receive:
💙 Daily somatic work, healing circles, meditations, being in community, breathwork, mini adventures off site, ceremonies, embodiment, gifting, & nurishment
💙 A psychic reading by Michele Ogston 
💙 Deep care & personal 5 star touch. (My circles are intimate to foster closeness, community, & exploration.) No more than 8 people will attend
💙 Amenities include a spa, salt water jacuzzi & pool, hammocks in the whispering trees a magical labyrinth, &  sweeping expansive grounds for walking, yoga, reflective walks, meditation or journaling

💙 Freshly prepared food will be provided with daily breakfasts catered by Lumeria with farm to table service. Lunch and Dinner will be designed around our experiences and are included in your price.
💙 Transportation to and from the airport is provided as well as any off site activities we adventure on. (flights, spa services, souvenirs, & snacks are not included in your retreat price.) 


Root to Heart in Maui 

But 1st....


Can I Be Your Guide?

Being your mentor is my sacred responsibility - one I take great care and pride in. It is my honor to create experiences & environments for you to feel less of the daily anxiety and more of the peace.
I rely on my intuition, my education, & my experience to curate a space for you to step into where you can leave the world behind and be fully embraced in you.

Think of a,
deeply somatic, soul resetting, experience that has the power to collapse time.

Michele Ogston, CLC

Soul Coach
Inner Healing through Self Love
Certified Coach & Powerful Psychic Medium

About   Your Mentor

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Michele Ogston, CLC

Michele Ogston is recognized as a Soul Coach because she is known to create a stirring inside her clients that leads them to on a path of deep healing and true inner peace. She’s not only a certified IFC coach but a powerful psychic medium.

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She specializes in self-love, intuition, and relationships. She has over 30 years of experience working with individuals & couples to deepen their feeling of self-worth and awaken their own inner knowing. Her mission is for her clients to trust themselves to be their own best psychics. She believes life is a healing journey back to being whole again. She has cultivated a deep knowing that people aren’t stuck, but instead, they are applying the same set of behaviors & patterns to situations that no longer serve them. Through developing a deep connection from within she helps them close the gap between where they are and where they want to be.


Be prepared to be moved! Both psychically and emotionally.


Sample Schedule

 Root to Heart has the power to leave you feeling fully embodied
in the essence of who you are
(if you allow it.)


Monday 8.5
4pm Opening Circle
6pm Catered Ciner by Lumeria
8pm SoulFlow
TM Somatic & Embodiment Practice

Tuesday 8.6 All Day 
Wednesday 8.7 AllDay

Thursday 8.8
7am-9am Closing Loop
9am Breakfast and Departing (depending on flights)



Who is this retreat for?


This is Your Sacred Invitation

Root to Heart is for the woman who has been waiting for her moment. 

A woman who is ready to shift her relationships with her wounds. 

She is a gentle soul with a warrior's heart.

When you feel it you know.
There is no questioning. You don't have to have all the answers or know every detail and you know.

You trust.

You believe.


Embracing your faith in you.

It's never outside of you it's always within you.

Root to Heart is meant to spark an awakening within you.

While addressing the wounds from your past you'll

 create abundance for the future 

My role as your mentor is to foster a restorative

approach to healing.

you'll experience hope and healing. in a environment that evokes

sisterhood not a sorority .

 Pricing Info

Pay in Full
1 payment of $4288

$428 Savings!

Payment Plan
$2000 down & 
7 payments of $388


See You There!

Price Goes Up July 5th
Special pricing for Hawaii residents & Private room available.
Please email



Answers to your most frequently asked questions

Q:  What's included in my the price?

A:  Your retreat price is all inclusive other than flights.

During the retreat dates all meals, transportation, retreat activities, classes put on by Lumeria & your room is covered. Spa services & extra amenities are not included.

Q:  What airport should I fly into & where should I stay if I come early or stay later?

A:  We will be staying on the North Shore in a tiny town called Paia. You will fly into the Maui airport or OGG airport. I would highly recommend staying at Lumeria before and after your retreat. This anchors you into the experience. Lumeria offers a discount if you are part of my retreat. If you choose to stay off site any other days The Paia Inn located in town is lovely.  

Q:  Could you go over transportation a little more?

A:  Transportation to &  from the airport to Lumeria is provided by the company on opening day and closing day of the retreat. You will either be picked up by a retreat assistant or you will be instructed to take a Lyft or Uber to Lumeria if your flight is delayed or you are leaving after the retreat closes. You will be reimbursed 100% for your travel through Venmo. It is highly recommended if you are staying later or coming in early to rent a car.  You can also choose to use a driving service such as Lyft, Uber, or Taxi, but once you are away from the airport they tend to be harder to locate. Be prepared that it might take up to an hour for a ride to accept your request. The company does not cover transportation outside of the retreat dates and only to and from the airport.

Q:  What if I can't make all the zoom calls?

A:  Not a problem! All calls will be recorded and available for replay within 48 hours. There is no requirement to participate in the group calls. They are meant to foster a sense of community.

Q:  What if I don't want to do an activity?

A:  No worries! You have sovereignty over yourself. You can choose if you want to sit out for any reason. 

Q:  I have a lot of dietary restrictions. What is the food like?

A:  Me too. When you say yes to the retreat and your payment has been collected a questionnaire will be sent out. That questionnaire has an extensive section about dietary preferences, restrictions, and requirements. All food sensitivities are then passed onto Lumeria and their kitchen staff as well as thoroughly sourced through by myself and my staff.

Q:  What do I do if I need something while I am on retreat?

A:  Although, this rarely happens, there are moments where you might need something. In this case Instacart will be your best course of action. Lumeria is located in what is know as "Upcountry". This means not every company will deliver to Lumeria. I have found that Instacart has been incredibly helpful while I am there. I use them frequently.

Q:  Does Lumeria have Wi-Fi?

A:  Yes, but it isn't always reliable. Be prepared to disconnect. The Wi-Fi is dependant on weather . Therefore, wind and rain affect your service. I find that texting is the best source of communication while on the property. Be sure to let your friends, family and work know of your situation. It's a wonderful opportunity to take a break from it all. 

If I have missed something please email me so I can answer your question. I am always happy to jump on a call too to have you ask your questions in real time.

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